What is 101C Token?

For a new protocol to acquire liquidity, the way is usually to give strong incentives by rewarding liquidity providers with their token. Unfortunately, this often leads to the token being dumped, hurting both the starting project and its community. Such liquidity is also very hard to retain once incentives dry up. This is where 101c steps up, and comes forward with a new solution, to help foster promising protocols and provide them with immutable liquidity. 101c aims to fix defi’s rent-seeking problem.

An Explanation


Special rewards for holders and fans


Use the Metamask wallet to hold 101c token and NFT

NFT Marketplace

A gallery of various NFT collections with opensea Api and dedicated 101 Crypto collections.


Token Distribution


Token Name: 101Crypto

Symbol: 101C

Decimal: 18

Type: BEP-20

Platform: Smart Chain (BSC)

Total Supply: 101,000,000,000

Contract Adress: 0x2a5a373F094FA75d330A4b07d96c73C6156722c6

Private Sale


Private Price: $0,0012

Private Date: March/April 2022

Target Raise: $100,000

Lock-up: 5% TGE, then 95% vests linearly block-by-block over 14 months beginning day 31 after listing




Public Price: $0.0021

Target Raise: $80,000

Lock-up: 40% TGE / 30% after 1 week / 30% after 2 weeks

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